◆Active Lactic Acid (for a dietary supplement and for cosmetics)

  • 2018.01.19 |

This is a unique functional substance that was accidentally discovered in Japan during a cancer


Lactic acid is produced through fermentation of corn and etc. by lactic acid bacteria.

Only substances whose molecules are bound in the number of more or less 9 are named

Active Lactic Acid. It relieves symptoms in patients due to its effectiveness at the cellular level

as well at various sites in the body.



* Intake of Active Lactic Acid increases the number of intestinal beneficial bacteria by

approximately 15 times that of the existing intestinal beneficial bacteria.

* Improvement of blood flow

* Immunity enhancer

* Activation of mitochondria, which is one of the organelles.


By activating mitochondria, each one of about 60 billion cells that comprise the human body

can be activated and as result, good health can be acquired and maintained.

One of the functions of mitochondria is called -“apoptosis,”- which can eliminate cancer cells.

Active Lactic Acid can help in cancer treatment by activating mitochondria.

Active lactic acid is the multifunction compound effective against lifestyle-related diseases,

such as cancer, diabetes, hepatic dysfunction, as well as allergy and infertility”.

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