Frequently Asked Question

  • How do I get started to make our original customized products?

    Please feel free to contact us through Email, Skype, Telephone, and Inquiry Form.

    We will be asking you a few questions to start with.

    Even if you do not have OEM experience, you are welcome. We will explain how it works.

  • What is the lead time of manufacturing OEM products ?

    It depends on the product you have chosen, raw materials, labels and package are the factors affecting the time.

    Generally, it takes from one and half month to 3 months for production before we can ship the products to you.

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    It depends on the products you have ordered. MOQ for supplements could be around 500, and it is around 1,000 for cosmetics products.

  • Can your company do the package design as well ?

    Yes, we can.

    After knowing your concept, we can offer the design that suits your needs.

  • Can we improve our existing products?

    Yes, we can help you improve yours.

    After understanding the features you would like to enhance, we can provide ideal suggestions.

    You could also shift your production from other countries to Japan.

  • What is the shelf-life for dietary supplements?

    It is one year for Liquid, and 2 years for the other products.

  • What is the expiration date for cosmetics products?

    3 years expiration date is our standard.

  • Is it possible to contact in English?

    Yes, it is possible. We do have English-speaking operators in Tokyo Office.

    You can reach us by Skype, telephone, Email, or Inquiry Form.

  • Can I contact you in Chinese?

    Yes, you can. Chinese staff in our Hong Kong Office could assist you.

    Please feel free to contact them through mobile phone, Email, or Inquiry Form.