• Cosmetics

    Are you interested in manufacturing a unique product which can be differentiated from your competitors?
    We, Health Management, can provide you the ideal product you wish to have, such as “All-in-One Gel for whitening”, Beauty Essence without preservatives”,“Shampoo for damaged hair”, etc.

    With quality raw materials from all over the world, we strive to manufacture your products with Japanese high technology and sincere Japanese staff.
    ※We are able to communicate in both English and Chinese. Please feel free to contact us!
  • Product Cases 

Our Advantage

  • Many successful cases
    We have been handling many successful cosmetic products in both Japan and overseas. We do not only manufacture the products with high quality, but we also support our customers to produce bestselling products in the market.
  • One Stop Solution from product planning, research, development, manufacturing to package design.
    Our integrated manufacturing process enables us to produce high quality products with low cost.
  • Available with small batches.
    We are able to produce products with low volume.
    A small batch allows you to market your products with lower risk.
  • Our original materials allow the products to be differentiated from others.
    By combining our unique materials which are superior in function, your products should be outstanding against the competitors, leading to high repeat purchasing rate.
  • Strong support to customers who have no experience
    Those who are interested in making original cosmetic products but now knowing how to get started in this market should contact us.
    We serve you from the first step to the end product in a professional manner.

Cosmetic products that we can provide

We, Health Management, provide you wide range of cosmetic products.
We also have suggestions of the right package that best suits your product.

Skin Care
Face washing Foam / Peeling Gel / Cleansing Cream / All-in-One Gel / Lotion / Beauty Essence /
Milky lotion / Base cream for make-up / Body Cream / Carbonated Pack / Facial Treatment Mask
Hair care
hampoo / Rinse / Conditioner / Hair Tonic / Hair dyeing
Face Soap / Body Soap
Oral Care

High quality and Safety

  • Under quality control based on GMP for cosmetics
    Since cosmetics touch your skin directly, we pay attention in the production process all the way from the ingredients list to the final shipping procedure to ensure they are safe to use. We have built our unique quality control based on BMP for cosmetics and we provide the products which have passed through quality control to our customers.
  • Every single product is checked and precisely.
    Final products are not only checked by machines but also checked visually by professional staffs. We only ship the products that have passed our strict inspection.


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