◆Active Koji (for a dietary supplement and for cosmetics)

  • 2018.01.19 |

Active Koji is our unique functional substance produced by a patented technique of

fermenting soybeans using koji bacteria which is a traditional Japanese culture.


Koji polysaccharide which is only included in Active Koji and some other functional substances

enable human body experience its effectiveness.


* Three kinds of intestinal effective substances – probiotics, prebiotics and biogenics

* Immune system regulation

* Allergy improvement

* Multiplication and activation of stem cells

※Stem cells are a type of cells that develop into all other cell types in the body.

They have been attracting attention in the field of regenerative medicine.


The decrease in the cell number (60 billion cells at youth) with aging results in deterioration

of tissues.


The decrease in the cell number is due to the loss of stem cells.

Active Koji is the very substance we have been waiting for: it can be effective against

diseases such as dementia, diabetes, heart disease, hepatic dysfunction and articular disease

which usually occur with age.


Wrinkles and saggy skin are due to decrease in skin epidermis-stem cells.

Increasing the skin epidermis-stem cells through intake of Active Koji will help getting rid of

wrinkles and saggy skin.


Please take advantage of – “Active Koji”- not only for anti-aging effects but also for

the ultimate gold for rejuvenation.


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