Past Product Manufacturing cases

Here we would like to introduce one of our prior cases for production that
we had researched, developed and manufactured.

Enhance Immunity and detoxification.

◆Product name  Kanimax ◆Features Enhance Immunity and detoxification.

In Japan, Chitosan has a long history as a healthy food, it is an animal dietary fiber developed using the crab shell as a raw material.


Food additives, air pollution, cosmetics, detergent, tap water, etc. are the factors that make human body accumulate heavy metals. The accumulation of heavy metals results in problems of health, beauty and mentality.

Chitosan has been attracting considerable attention today since it is capable of adhering to heavy metals and other bad substances for detoxification.


Kanimax also includes chitosan oligosaccharide and chitin oligosaccharide which both are developed from chitosan.


Chitosan oligosaccharide and chitin oligosaccharide are the notable substances which enhance immune system which has been proven by data.


This product has been developed for enhancing immunity and detoxification, which help people encounter various factors that obstruct health in this harsh environment.