Past Product Manufacturing cases

Here we would like to introduce one of our prior cases for production that
we had researched, developed and manufactured.

Supplement emphasized on cells’ regeneration

◆Product name  LAKLE

“LAKLE” is a supplement which contains abundant amount of active lactic acid and active koji.

It is generally said that human body is made out of 60 trillion cells, and Active Lactic Acid is the substance that can activate the cells.

By activating the cells, function of each internal organ will be improved which will result in enhanced immune system and better health.

Also as we age, the number of cells would decrease resulting in dementia, knee pain and loss of skin elasticity which makes you look even older.

Active Koji, our patented raw material, enables human body to regenerate cells and even increase the number of cells. Thus, it can keep you younger.

There are many testimonials from users of LAKLE, such as “My home doctor was shocked how I recovered from my disease.”, “I have tried many medicines and supplements but they didn’t work at all but with LAKLE, I became healthy again!”, ”My body temperature has risen by 1 degree Celsius. “, etc.

Since 2003, this product has been achieving great results, and we are very proud of it.