Possible Product Planning Cases

Here we introduce some product planning cases we, Health Management, would like to offer. These cases are not the past ones of which the products we made from our customer's request, but our original ones. We have not yet practiced those, but we hope they would be helpful for you to realize the product planning.

Whitening Supplements

Whitening Supplement is one of the most popular products among Beauty Supplements today.

There are many reasons causing stains and darkness on skin, such as ultraviolet rays, inflammation, high sugar level, impaired organ function and slow metabolism.

Therefore, by combining the components targeting on those factors, we are capable of creatingthe products most people are satisfied with.


*Ultraviolet rays and inflammation
( Active enzymes which could fight against free radicals)

Astaxanthin, Pycnogenol. CoenzymeQ10, and etc.


*High sugar level
(The substances that may protect skin on the damage caused by high sugar level)

Extract of cherry blossoms, Cinnamon, Carnosine


*Impaired organ functions
(Ingredients specified in enhancing liver function)

Gultathione, L-cysteine, Turmeric


*Slow metabolism
(Ingredients accelerating the metabolism of skin cells’ regeneration)

Placenta, Carnitine, Arginine


High sugar level draws the attention of health supplement research recently.

Including the ingredients tackling high sugar level in your potential products will help you differentiate your products from your competitors.


* We would like to mention beforehand that there are several cases that some raw materials are not allowed to be used according to some countries’ laws.