Past Product Manufacturing cases

Here we would like to introduce one of our prior cases for production that
we had researched, developed and manufactured.

All in one Essence without preservative

◆Product name  Kawaii Essence Ai

“Kawaii Essence Ai” is an all in one essence abundantly containing our unique original material Proteoglycan, plant-derived stem cell culture liquid, plant-derived mineral, and Hyaluronic acid, which has efficacy of beautifying your skin.


By freeze drying the substance to concentrate, we could produce this essence with long expiry date. In addition, mixing the solution into the airless container at the very first step allows the essence to have even longer storage stability.


Many of the users have good testimonials such as “My skin has a glow.”, “My skin is moisturized without using lotion.” “My skin is silky smooth.” , etc.

This product, “Kawaii Essence AI” seems to have been one of our popular selling products.