Possible Product Planning Cases

Here we introduce some product planning cases we, Health Management, would like to offer. These cases are not the past ones of which the products we made from our customer's request, but our original ones. We have not yet practiced those, but we hope they would be helpful for you to realize the product planning.

Whitening serum

In Japan, it is said that people who ferment Sake tend to have smooth and fair-skinned hands since they are in contact with Koji(microbiological bacteria) of rice in Sake manufacturing process.

Sake is a traditional liquor made of fermented rice, which includes many ingredients beneficial to skin, not only for whitening effect.


In addition to Japanese traditional Sake, recent notable whitening substances such as Glutathione, Alpha-Arbutin, Prunus Lannesiana Flower extract, Algae Extract, Ferulic Acid are also included in this whitening serum.


This whitening serum with unique Japanese traditional ingredient can be a complete product itself, but we can also propose a line of product with other skin care cosmetics such as soap, lotion, and face mask, creating an attractive skincare line.


* We would like to mention beforehand that there are several cases that some raw materials are not allowed to be used according to some countries’ laws.