Past Product Manufacturing cases

Here we would like to introduce one of our prior cases for production that
we had researched, developed and manufactured.

Facial wash pack with whitening effect

When taking care of your face, it is essential to wash the face properly.

However, scrubbing the face in order to remove all the dirt may damage the skin.

Therefore, the key to undamaged skin on your face is being able to completely clean it just by rubbing it gently with foam.

Next Face is the product in which herbs are combined, resulting in a gentle face wash.

In addition, this product works not only for face washing. Besides four whitening ingredients(a-arbutin, fat-soluble vitamin C, mulberry bark, scutellaria root),
three kinds of ingredients(lava clay, seaweed, sea salt) are included.


Next Face is also recommended to use for;

* Brighten your skin
* Get rid of darkened pores on the nose.
* Improve facial swelling
* Prevent and improve acnes
* Suitable for sensitive skin


Next Face is a facial wash pack which can make you delighted every time you use it.